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A.C. = J.C.
Hint: There was no "J" at the time of Christ. The only name that he was called by his followers was YESU CHRIST; the same yesterday, today and forever.
Anti Christ means "Instead of Christ" or "In place of Christ"
(Greek, anti = "instead of" or "in place of")
Norbert Kox's Apocalyptic Surrealism
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The whole world is being duped
666: The Man, The Beast, The Mark, The Name, The Number of the Name
Revelation 13 (WARNING).

"All the World Wondered after the Beast" (Rev.13:3). Satan has duped the people of the world into mistranslating and distorting the Word of God, to create a false gospel, a false image of the Saviour, and a false name: the mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:18). The Devil said "I will be like the Most High." He is the imitation God, and the "idol shepherd".

Jesus the Antichrist
The whole world is being duped
Jesus the Antichrist: Who Changed God's Name? (WARNING).


This is not a hate site. It is a site that challenges traditions and exposes falsehoods. This site is not anti-christ. This site does not present anti-Catholic material. It presents factual information. It exposes counterfeits and dupes in regard to religious and biblical interpretation, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Athiest, Satanist, New Age, or any other religion, non-religion, or philosophy.
The whole world is being duped

Warner Sallman, the man who made God. The Image of the Beast is here. Pictures

The whole world is being duped
The whole world is being duped
Luciferian Conspiracy, The Antichrist, World Control. Research Links

Jesus the Beast
The counterfeit name JESUS = 666
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